WHAT IS MMS: The Miracle Mineral Solution

MMS is an amazing product that has brought relief to thousands upon thousands of people around the world. This simple form of stabilized oxygen is one of the most powerful
pathogen killers on the planet. 

JIM HUMBLE: Discoverer of MMS  

While deepin the jungles of South America, Jim Humble made a discovery that cured Malaria in a matter of hours. He has since dedicated over a decade to healing thousands of people, continuing research, and perfecting the formula.


Jim and the folks at GEnesis2 Church have worked for years perecting the MMS protocols. A complete list of MMS protocols can be found at Genesis2 Church.

MMS Protocols


Genesis2 Church is compiling a list of testimonials along with affadavits. They are availablefor viewing here.  
MMS Testimonials


Genesis2 Support Forum is staffed by knowledgeable people.
There is a lot of good current information available,, and answers to questions in  a friendly interactive atmosphere. Jim even pops in on occaision.
Genesis2 Forum


Looking for a reputable, and reliable supplier of

MMS ("The Miracle Mineral Solution")

and other alternative choices?

Keavy's Corner is  a "one stop source" to purchase all the items in Jim Humble's MMS protocols.

Keavy's Corner been selling MMS since 2008. They are one of the original suppliers of authentic Jim Humble MMS, and have been on the approved suppliers list since the beginning.

Please visit www.keavyscorner.com to see their full inventory of products, discounted pricing, combos, and bulk sales.

Upcoming Genesis II Church seminars in North America


Upcoming Genesis II Church seminars in North America

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  • Mexico, Puerto Vallarta - November 22nd - 24th 2013 - Read more.
  • USA, Atlanta - November 29th - December 1st 2013 - Read more.
  • Canada, Radium Hot Springs, B.C. - December 13th - 15th 2013 - Read more.
 Upcoming Teaching Seminar with Jim Humble
  •  Mexico, Puerto Vallarta - Nov 3rd - 8th 2013 - Read more.

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